Ivan Rodriguez

I am actually a tale of two stories, for sake of a better phrase. My journey to health and happiness actually began over a year ago. I went through every diet, every diet “guru”, in order to stop my weight gain and become healthy. High blood pressure, shortness of breath, and overall poor condition led me to a website search, anxious to find someone that could help me turn my life around, and I found Cheryl’s website.

I decided I had nothing to lose, and made an appointment, preparing myself for yet another round of disappointment and ridiculous weight loss rhetoric. Yet, as soon as I walked into her office, I felt immediately at ease. Cheryl was not only very easy to speak with, but intently listened to my situation and immediately gave me that sense of positivity about attacking my new healthy “lifestyle change” (not a diet, as Cheryl so often says.)

I began my trek immediately, as like every new challenge, I had many questions about the new change. She was ALWAYS accessible, and never hesitated to answer a question that I had. Weight loss is a hard enough climb, but I always felt as if she was climbing side by side with me, and that made it so much easier! I lost 36 lbs, and was feeling great!  

Unfortunately, a difficult situation occurred in my life, and I “fell off the wagon”, gaining back the 36 lbs plus a little more for good luck. I felt even worse that before, and I now had the added bonus of feeling like a failure – with myself, as well as with Cheryl. I just couldn’t face her after I had dropped off, so I disappeared for a few months.  Out of the blue, Cheryl calls me and said that she hadn’t seen me for awhile, and that I should come in for an appointment. I sheepishly called her back, and explained to her my situation, and without a MOMENT’S hesitation , she IMPLORED me to come on in and begin again. I was amazed! She not only was NOT disappointed in my failure, but pushed me to begin again! That was all I needed, and I began again in earnest!     

I can now happily report that after 6 months, I have lost 71 lbs, have dropped my body fat from 35% to 26%, and actually have a new lease on life! I feel stronger, more energetic, and most importantly, ALIVE! No longer do I have that sense of dread, which accompanied me not knowing how to eat correctly.

I now know that food and calories are not a “diet” thing, but a lifestyle change thing. Cheryl taught me how to no longer make food my crutch, but to use it as an enjoyable part of life. And along with that enjoyment, my health and my mental state has improved a hundredfold!

I always heard that when one gets healthy, one begins to attack other parts of their lives with gusto, all because of the confidence and renewed vigor one gets from it. I now know what these people mean! I am currently in school to attain my masters degree in bi-molecular science, and I am hoping to enter my first bodybuilding competition by April or May of 2014.

I owe Cheryl a huge debt of gratitude, and I recommend that ANYONE reading this and feeling the way I did take that first step and contact her ASAP! I implore you to please, please jump at the opportunity! You will never, ever, regret the call, or your meeting with her. She sees you not as a client, but as a person that wants to change their life, and she will do her utmost to help you. Just give her the opportunity to do so! I did, and I will never, ever regret it!

Thank you, Cheryl!!! - Ivan Rodriguez

Jim Kyte

If you are looking for a nutritionist who is an expert in her field, and who cares about the health and well being her clients, look no further!

Cheryl cares for, thinks about and works with each person as individual, building a plan around your unique requirements and needs.

She provides not only a successful personal plan built around the foods you like where appropriate, but provides a supportive and encouraging environment for your success.

She is down to earth and realistic about the challenges that each of us faces in the battle to become healthier. 

My story:   I met Cheryl a little over 2 years ago. I was tired of fighting my weight for most of my life and decided I needed the help of someone who know what they were doing. A week after I scheduled my first appointment I was diagnosed with Diabetes and put on medication by my doctor. I also had had high blood pressure that I was dealing with for most of my adult life.

When I met Cheryl at my first appointment, we discussed my goals, my health and the food plan that she had developed for me. Prior to our first appointment, Cheryl sent me a detailed form where I noted my medical history, goals and foods that I liked. It was based upon this information that Cheryl was able to develop a personalized plan for me.

My wife attended my first session so she could meet Cheryl, listen to what she said and ask any questions she might have. We left our meeting feeling encouraged and high in spirits. Later that day we also met with my primary doctor who was happy with my blood sugar levels and my blood pressure. He was also very happy with the food plan that Cheryl has developed for me. My wife and I left his office on cloud nine and started our shopping with the grocery list that Cheryl provided to match my food plan. 

Our day went from the highest of highs to almost the lowest of lows that evening. That night I suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital for three days. Before being discharged I had to meet with the hospital nutritionist. In preparation for this meeting (which I did not want to have J) I asked my wife to bring in the book Cheryl assembled which included my goals, shopping list, weekly meal plan and nutritional information. The hospital nutritionist looked over the information and said not only was there nothing she could add, but that she had never seen a more thorough and healthy plan

The end result, was that after working with Cheryl for approximately four months I lost about 50 pounds (& body fat),  dramatically lowered my blood sugar level to the point my doctor reduced my medication to the lowest levels, and my cardiologist was able to lower my blood pressure medication due to my lower BP readings.

Cheryl was a MAJOR contributor to my still being alive. Not only did she help me during this time, but she educated me on nutrition and gave me the tools that I can use for the rest of my life.

I have recommended others to Cheryl and they have had wonderful results as well. I looked forward to my appointments so I could track my weight and body fat loss. I always felt when I met with Cheryl that I was meeting a friend who truly cared about me and my success. 

If you are serious about getting healthy, look no further! Call Cheryl at Nutrition by Design and start your new life today.  

Jim Kyte


It has been exactly one year since I came to Nutrition By Design for a fresh start.  I had recently retired from my job due to medical issues, went back to college, and had just reached a milestone birthday (50).  My doctors had suggested I try to lose weight, feeling that doing so may help to improve some of my health concerns. 

My primary care physician gave me a pamphlet to your program.  He knew I had tried twice before to use a dietary professional and for a variety of reasons I had little success, if any I took the pamphlet and called you. 

I don't think I have ever made a better decision or a more significant phone call.  "Having had various and lifelong medical issues and ironically retiring from the healthcare industry, I have become very familiar and perhaps a bit cynical with regard to many healthcare providers. 

I am pleased to tell you and anyone who may read this that I have never experienced a more professional, yet relaxing and supportive atmosphere.  After my first visit you created for me a detailed, easy to follow and educational program.  At my followup appointments we would discuss any problems, concerns, strategies and reached goals.  I always felt you were supportive and encouraging. 

I also have found you to be conveniently accessible if I ever have a question regarding my program.  I never felt pressured and I appreciated your enthusiasm over my success.I was able to lose 50 lbs. in6 months and I never felt like I was on a diet, because I wasn't. 

You gave me the tools and knowledge to change my approach and outlook on my food choices."  "Whenever people see me now and ask me how I lost the weight I enthusiastically tell them about Nutrition By Design.


Anna Solla

Dear Cheryl: How do I begin to thank you for getting me to a place in my life that I never thought I would be!

You have not only helped me get healthy and off my medication, but helped me feel good about myself.  

When I walked into your office in September 2008 an emotional wreck, you knew exactly what to say.  Along this journey you have been so supportive, and I feel like I can talk to you about anything. 

You always had something positive to say, even if I had had a tough week.  You never once made me feel like I was a failure.   Here I am 1 year later, and 56 pounds lighter, and my body fat down to 18.8%.

I have gained so much from you:  learning how to select the proper foods, eating clean and making the right choices even when I go out to dinner.

I have started a new chapter in my life turning 50, and finally getting to a healthy weight, I feel so good about myself. 

Thank you so much!  Coming to you has proven to be the best decision that I have made.   With deepest appreciation,  

Anna Solla


"Thank you for teaching me something that I can take with me the rest of my life--knowledge. 

I have always tried to stay in shape--exercising and trying to eat right.  But as age is creeping up on me (even though I don't feel it), so were the pounds.  This was due to a combination of going through menopause for the past 5 years and apparently not eating correctly and not eating enough food."  

"I now know that I need to eat 6 times a day and I have cut down on my sugar and carbs, and I have learned what I should be looking for on food labels. 

After following my personal nutrition plan strictly for a couple of weeks, I soon started to realize what I need to eat or not eat and it has become a way of life.  I like the fact that I could substitute so many things into the program, especially since I am a fussy eater. 

I am not hungry anymore, I'm not tired anymore at 3pm everyday, I have more energy and I don't crave food anymore such as my favorite chocolate---and I'm losing weight."  "So far, I have lost 14 lbs and my goal is only 3 lbs away now.  It doesn't seem like a lot of weight, but it has made such a big difference in my life... and my clothes finally fit again! "  "Cheryl, thanks again. Gail